miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010


The skinheads were members of a subculture that originated among working class youths in Great Britain. The skinheads arose in England in the decade of 1960`s as descendance from the movement mod that arose in the United Kingdom in 1958.
The mods were young people of middle class, who liked wearing elegant clothes, the scooters and the street fighting. The first skinheads were greatly influenced by west Indian Rude Boys and British mods. They usually spent their money on suits and other sharp outfits to wear at dancehalls. There were two tipes of groups of skinheads. One of them were against the nationalism and they were very introduced in the sistem and corrupting. The other group wanted to revive Hitler and they were a violent, xenophobic and hemophobic group.
Girls get dressed with a femenine touch. They wore miniskirts of pictures, shoes such as brogue or loafer. They got the skinhead as the men or very short hair with variations. The most habitual hairdo consists of leaving the part of behind, the fringe and the long sideburns.
The boys has their grown was more "proletarian" consisting of stunned jackets or bombers, shirts or poles, suspenders, cowherds and boots. They left the suits for the weekend.
The music always accompanied the skins from the ska, the rocksteady and the reggae of their first days on groups and artist were: Symarip, Pesmond, Dekker, Laurel, Ajkten, John Holt, Cock Sparrer, Cockney, Rejects, Last Resort and 4 skins.
In this epoch, in Jamaica, there was a group called rude-boys. The rude-boys were listening to reggae, rocksteady. From 1962 with the independence of the island, many Jamaicans emigrated to England and they took with them the music and their aesthetics rude-boy whit them. The mods felt attracted by the Jamaican music and started frequenting the disco theques that were spending it.
The RudeBoy continued listening to black music, especially the ska and the east rocksteady. And they toughened their actitude by that they were called the hard-mods. They began to dress with clothes more practical and identified with the work class: boots of work, and suspenders. The trend was to cut the hair shorter than previously to differ flor hippies.